Relationships struggle for many reasons. If you feel that your partner doesn't listen to you or understand your needs, or if they don't respect you, then seeds of doubt can be planted about how compatible you are. For other couples, the problems may stem from infidelity, suspecting an affair, a general lack of trust, mismatched sex drives or even controlling behaviour on one or both sides of the relationship. Relationship counselling is the ideal solution to addressing these issues, before separation occurs.

When a relationship is healthy, it will bring a great sense of fulfilment into your life. But in order to achieve a long-lasting partnership that is strong and balanced, you need to commit time and energy to giving it a chance to flourish. As an impartial mediator, I can help you develop the techniques you need to build a more open and supportive dynamic. Showing you how to communicate better, together we can explore the issues that have led you to this point in your relationship and find the solutions to your problems.


Communication with my partner had broken-down and I had moved out of the family home. David's help and advice over just a few months was tremendous and as a result, we found the courage to save our relationship.


Infidelity & Affairs

Infidelity and affairs can severely strain any partnership. Although many couples choose to separate and end their relationship, a great number will want to work through the pain and grief. Although betrayal may deeply shake the foundations, it can paradoxically make some partnerships stronger especially if the couple attempts to rebuild trust and communication.

Incompatible Sex Drive

Usually, a couples sex drive is very fluid, going up and down depending on energy levels, stress, birth control and general health. However when one partners sex drive is greater than the others, it will affect both of you on an emotional level. If your sex drive is lower, you become stressed and anxious about letting your partner down. If your sex drive is higher, you may feel sexually rejected and often insecure.

Trust Issues

Honesty is the best policy, however not always adhered to! Whilst most couples desire to live a life of integrity and principle, it's likely that there will be times when we don't get it right. Its important to remember that nobody is perfect.


Finding the right therapist was important to me as I had not seen one before and I do not easily share my feelings with others. I felt as ease with David's calm, considered and seasoned counsel.

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