For some couples, separation or divorce is the best solution. But while a break-up might take you away from the arguments or resentment that existed within the relationship, it may also leave you open to a new range of emotions such as loneliness, anger, sadness, loss and grief. For some people, the fear of the unknown and the lack of financial security may prove to be the biggest hurdles to overcome, while others struggle with feeling frozen out from their friends and their old lifestyle.

Divorce and separation affects everyone differently, particularly if there are children involved. It might be that you need help with explaining your situation to the children, or that you want guidance on protecting them from any emotional fallout. Alternatively, your needs might be more personal - understanding how to cope with a sense of rejection or abandonment, or wondering whether you will ever find happiness again. Regardless of your situation, I can equip you with coping strategies to ensure you continue to heal - and face the future with a renewed sense of hope, optimism and positivity.


  • Find support
  • Someone to listen
  • Having a safe space to talk
  • Get practical advice & coping strategies


David's support during my divorce was invaluable. With compassion and kindness he helped me cope with the pain and my fears of a difficult life-change. He listens without judgement, offers coping strategies and practical advice.

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