Learning that you are adopted - or understanding how to tell your children that they are adopted - is a huge challenge for many people. With the right support from adoptive parents, a child (or an adult) can be made to feel loved, secure and valued. But if that support hasn't been put in place from an early age, it is common for adoptees to struggle to understand who they are and where they came from, to question why they were 'rejected' or to think about whether life would be better if they find their birth parents.

An adopted child may also wonder about their medical history, question whether they have any siblings or even feel guilt about how they raise these questions with their adoptive family. If an of these questions exist, that can then lead to further problems such as depression, stress, anxiety and a history of failed relationships - so it really is important that you gain support when facing such a challenge. That's where I can help you. I myself was adopted, and I have first-hand experience of how adoption counselling can address these important issues, help you accept your background and find contentment in life.


  • Not belonging
  • Feelings of rejection
  • Identity issues
  • Feeling different
  • Not wanting to upset the adoptive family
  • Wondering if there are siblings
  • An absence of medical history
  • Wondering if birth parents are still alive

If your life has been affected by adoption or you feel that you just need some additional help in life.


I wanted to contact my birth mother but worried about upsetting my adoptive family, eventually it all became to much. Thankfully I contacted David for help and guidance and now feel positive, ready to take the next step.

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