Group therapy is a great tool for sounding out your thoughts and feelings in a safe environment. In the comfort of my discreet studio (at my home in Cranbrook), a group of 6 men will come together once a week to talk about whatever is bothering them. With topics ranging from stress, money worries, impotence and midlife crises to the reality of being a 'weekend dad' after divorce, you are invited to come along and talk about any elements of your life that are preying on your mind.

How Does It Work?

For a fixed cost you sign up for a block of 10 sessions, each course will run for 10 weeks. Running from 7.30pm - 9.30pm every Monday, members are asked to pay the full amount in advance in order to create stability and consistency for the whole group. With three courses running every year, members are more than welcome to join the next block too, though if you choose to leave us after your course, a new member will be invited to join the group.

Everyone Is Welcome

Group therapy is different to traditional therapy or counselling. There is no 'client/therapist' relationship, which men sometimes struggle to relate to. Instead, the group generates a mutually-supportive environment, where every member is included and every voice is heard. With no more than 6 men in your group, you can be sure that cliques won’t form. Supportive, friendly and enjoyable, this is your chance to let off a bit of steam and find the confidence to believe in yourself.


I started Men's Group at a difficult time, whilst in the middle of a bitter divorce. The advice and support I received helped steer me through and kept the marriage together at a time when it seemed impossible.

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